strategically placing plants vertically

For those who are looking to create beautiful gardens with limited space, a vertical garden could be just what you need. A popular feature among urban gardeners, a vertical wall garden gives you the ability to grow a nice variety of plants and flowers, and beautify your space without sacrificing any floor space.

Check out the infographic below to find out how you can create your own vertical wall garden:

1. What you will need 

  • Our standard panel 1000mm (w) x 500mm (l) (Request price)
  • Plants of your choice 6 packs (Ask your Nursery for advice remember shade and sunlight areas)
  • Potting Soil (We recommend Floragard best green potting soil 20l from Norsag)
  • Screws and wall plugs
  • Button drippers 2 litre per hour
  • Irrigation pipe 15 mm and fittings t-piece, elbows and end caps etc
  • Waterproof paint
  • Tools 

2. Prepare your panel

  • Find your space on any wall not full sun areas
  • Get your measurements
  • Find out how many panels you will need
  • Waterproof behind the area of your installation with waterproof paint
  • Screw the panel onto the walls through holes provided in panel

3. Irrigation installation

  • Fit your irrigation pipe through the sleeve on top of panel
  • Place the drippers in the middle of pockets into the pipe
  • Fit all your irrigation fittings
  • Connect your irrigation pipe to the tap or existing system.
  • Turn on your water supply and check if all the drippers are working

4. Start planting

  • Fill your pockets tree quarters of the way with potting soil
  • Now plant your plants into pockets
  • Ensure your plants are firmly planted
  • Water well 
  • After 2 weeks the plants should cover the pockets
  • Enjoy your display of plants

5. Maintenance


  •  Observe the plants
  •  Notice if plants look wilted
  •  Or if they have faded leaves
  •  Or show rotting bases or browned leaves


  •  Add plant food 
  •  Notice plant health and adjust water timing if necessary
  •  Remove dead leaves
  •  Remove dead plants and replace

Standard Panel

standard panel