strategically placing plants vertically

We Use the following Floragard products for our products:

  • Propagation substrates
  • Potting and container substrates
  • Bio Substrates
  • Soil blocks
  • Growbags
  • Planting substrates / horticulture and landscaping
  • Peat specialities
  • Floradur Gardener's soil and Floradur Aquaflora

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Floragard Universal Potting Soil

  • Ready to use, all round potting soil for indoor, balcony and container plants
  • Optimal water absorption due to Aqua-Plus, even after a longer period of dehydration
  • Lush plants due to the valuable natural fertilizer and Guano
  • Strong and long-lasting plant grown due to premium fertilizer
  • Optimal nutrient supply, the basis for magnificent flowers.